Onsite / Remote IT Support

We understand that every computer network is different and will have different requirements depending on your business goals. Our IT services are focused on flexible solutions to the challenges facing your business. Each of our technicians is fully trained in the latest IT support solutions so you will always be receiving the best possible advice and guidance. We also explain everything we do in plain, clear English without confusing you with technical jargon.


We offer a professional, efficient and reliable IT support services, our complete IT maintenance plan includes:

  • Comprehensive support – we monitor your systems remotely which means that we often catch problems before they become major issues.
  • Telephone support – we have dedicated technicians who are qualified, certified and experienced waiting to solve your issues
  • Remote support – you call us with a problem and we resolve it by remotely accessing your system – this means we can solve most problems within a couple of minutes or hours.
  • On-site support – issues that may arise with your systems that we cannot eradicate over the phone or otherwise remote, a technician will visit your premises.
  • System analysis and auditing – when we take on a contract we always perform a full system audit before hand, if we see potential problem areas we will notify you and provide solutions, this can prevent problems that may have just been waiting to occur

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