Cloud Solutions

What is the cloud?

As a business owner or worker you’ve probably heard the term ‘cloud’ talked about more and more over the past year, or even been the one doing the talking! But how much do you really know about the cloud and how it can benefit your company?

Cloud technology allows a business to migrate their current IT server over to an easily managed Internet platform.

What does this mean for you?

For a fraction of the price of a monthly telephone/remote contract, you can provide each member of your company their work email, calendars, document sharing, conference chat and video that may benefit your business. Not only that, but they can access it from any device – laptop, iphone, android, or blackberry – anywhere, anytime. Plus, as your business grows, its as simple as just adding new staff onto the licensing. You pay for what you use – no more.

Starting up a new business?

What better way to start than the cheapest and easiest way of managing your IT service! Without any start up costs, it can be treated as easily as a utility along with your phone and electricity.

What can Cloud Technology Solutions bring you in 2013?

The last few years have been the worst yet for small business insolvencies. Keep your business up with the trends, and keep it alive and growing with Cloud Technology Solutions. Say goodbye to server costs and crashes, regular updating, and security renewal, as we’ll handle all that for you. This is the time to sit back and focus on your business.