Online Backup

At least 50% of new customers we support have backup issues dating back a long time leaving their data at risk. From customer information to financial details, data is a vital asset to your company.

Data loss could occur without warning for a number of reasons from power failure or system malfunction to criminal activity or natural disaster.

This could result in loss of business, an interruption in service, the need to recreate data or legal action. In severe cases, data loss can result in the total collapse of the company.
This can be prevented with a thoroughly planned, well-executed, reliable backup strategy.


Keep Your Company’s Vital Information Assets Fully Safeguarded

No organisation can function effectively without having the right information at their fingertips. At, we provide powerful offsite IT data backup and restore solutions that work simply yet effectively to protect companies, whether they’re enterprise level or SMEs.

can offer reliable and flexible data replication services which are defined by your needs. The frequency of replication will depend on the importance of your data and how quickly you need it restored in the event of a network failure or other incident. If the worst should happen, your vital data will be on restored and on hand in real-time or near real-time so that business productivity never suffers.

We also have a proven track record in providing a seamless IT data backup and disaster recovery system to prevent the loss of data generated in the course of each business day. While traditional approaches provide data backup on a daily ‘batch’ basis, this leaves data created every minute during a working day vulnerable to loss.

Our non-intrusive solution removes this risk by making copies of changes to your system and data files as they happen, so that if disaster strikes, you can recover and restore the most recent data with a few clicks of a mouse.

Important email data in particular is growing at a rapid rate of knots, since it needs to be stored for not only business reasons, but also for regulatory and legal requirements. Thus, most organisations end up with large amounts of this type of data lying dormant in their systems, which slows overall performance.

utl IT Solutions can resolve this issue by helping you establish an email archiving infrastructure that is flexible and scalable enough to meet all of your current and future business system needs.

To prove how effective our solution is, we are now offering a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of our data backup service. With our 10 GB (from 1 directory) and 7 days retention offering, we’re confident we will vastly improve the way your backups are managed.

Give your business the right protection for your vital information resources – simply call us or email to learn more about our Data Backup Trial Offer and services.

Backup and recovery is about ensuring your company’s data is securely and regularly copied and stored offsite.

Part of this process includes monitoring the status of your backups on a daily basis. We ensure your backups are successful and address failed backups immediately. This means you are always protected should you encounter a problem.